iPage Web Hosting Expert Review

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iPage Web Hosting Expert Review

iPage Hosting is a web hosting company which caters to companies at the entry level who have a limited budget. Along with Bluehost and Hostgator, iPage is a brand of Endurance International. Here are some details of the web hosting service packages which are offered by the company:-

iPage Web Hosting Expert Review – Check Pros and Cons


iPage Network is web services company which is based in Seattle, USA. Established in 1996, this privately held company caters to small businesses.


At present, iPage offers three types of hosting packages. Customers opting for a monthly bandwidth of 2 TB will be able to set up 5 accounts. The service package is worth $29.99. People who opt for a monthly bandwidth of 3 TB can set up the unlimited number of accounts. The cost of the service package is $39.99. As for customers who opt for unlimited bandwidth, they too can set up the unlimited number of accounts. The service package costs $ 49.99.

The company enables to register new domain names, transfer the existing domains and also repoint any one of their existing domain names. It offers domain privacy protection as well. By using Privacy Protector, the company hides customer’s details and keeps all his details private. You can transfer your domain by paying $19.95. This includes a year of domain registration. iPage also helps customers to transfer their domain name to them from another registrar.

The main benefit is that the company acts as a single point of contact for any hosting related issue or email or e-store. In case a domain is handled by another registrar, issues might take more time to be fixed by multiple parties will be involved. iPage helps customers to setup their domain or auto-renew and add a privacy protection to their account for blocking spammers from gaining access to their WHOIS information.

iPage Hosting Pros

1. Simplicity of the features of service plans

One of the major issues within the hosting industry is the confusing pricing of service plans. Company plans do not usually match and therefore it is tough for customers to make comparisons directly. There are some companies which cap the number of sites at a reasonable range while others offer a number of services as the bonus to make up for high-end prices of their service plans.

The biggest plus point of iPage hosting in the simplicity of their service plans. The company offers a single shared hosting plan. It offers customers with unlimited access to 3 Ds. By opting for the service plan, you can have unlimited domains, databases and disk space.

2. Support channel is available round the clock

Another strong point of iPage is that its support services are available 24×7 to phone, email, chat and ticket. These support channels are easy to find and use as well. For a company which mostly handles hosting services of small and medium sized companies, the presence of a wide range of support channels is no doubt a strong point for standing out as compared to other web hosting service providers.

iPage Hosting Cons

1. The company upsells throughout

Upselling is something which is not common to the industry of industry. In a way, they are helpful as they offer a greater number of services to customers while enabling the company to earn more revenue. But there is a limit to up selling beyond which up selling loses its usefulness and becomes confusing. iPage crosses this line by going beyond the notorious upselling of GoDaddy. Right from the time of initial sign up to your account’s backend there is one upsell after another.

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