Znetlive Web Hosting Expert Review

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Znetlive Web Hosting Expert Review

Website owners usually hire the services of web hosting services providers to ensure that their sites work in a smooth manner. Znetlive is one of the leading web hosting service providers. But as in the case of other web hosting service providers, Znetlive has its share of pros and cons. Some of the pros and cons of Znetlive web hosting services are mentioned below:-

Znetlive Web Hosting Expert Review – Check Pros and Cons


Established in 2001 by Munesh Jadoun in Jaipur, Znetlive was established as “SwastikIndia.com”. The company was rechristened as Znetlive in 2002 and offer domain buying & reselling services, bulk domain registration and cloud, web and WordPress hosting as a part of its services.


ZNetlive is an ICANN accredited registrar who specializes in corporate domain management. The web hosting plans which are offered by the company are mainly of four types-starter, standard, advanced and professional. Clients are offered with unlimited webspace, unlimited e-mail IDs and unlimited bandwidth.

The reseller hosting services which the company offers comes with a number of freebies such as web hosting theme, SSL certificate, domain name and Plesk Oynx. The WordPress hosting plan which the company offers includes a wide range of features. For instance, by opting for a WP-professional package you can get a Plesk Oynx toolkit, shared environment and a local storage capacity up to 30 GB.

Znetlive Hosting Pros

1. High quality of customer service

ZNetLive offers a highly reliable technical customer support to clients through phone, chat and email. Their tech support team is available on 24/7/365 days to answer all queries of clients within a response time span of 20 minutes on issues which are related to the domain or hosting.

2. User-friendly control panel

Znetlive provides the control panel which is user-friendly and can be easily powered by the highly reliable and time-tested software cPanel.

3. 99.9% server uptime

Znetlive’s servers are very secure and offer 99.9% uptime using HA (High Availability) or Fail-over environment.

4. The company offers a money back guarantee

ZnetLive is one of the few companies which offers a money back guarantee policy. Therefore as a client, you can ask the company to provide you with a refund in case you are dissatisfied with the services it offers. The money-back guarantee is valid until the 45th day.

5. No infrastructure related costs

Cloud computing can be divided into three major categories as per services such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. One common issue in all these categories is that there is no need for investing in hardware or infrastructure. Usually, every company has to spend a large sum of money on their IT infrastructure to setup and hire a team of technicians.

The network devices, servers, ISP connections, software and storage are the main things on which you need to invest in improving your IP infrastructure. But if start working on cloud computing services then you won’t have to invest in all these areas.

Znetlive Hosting Cons

1. Security

Data security is a major cause of concern for every company. As cloud services are public it depends on the domain hosting company as to how it would ensure data safety. Therefore before you opt for cloud services, it is necessary to opt for cloud services. Znetlive doesn’t follow all the compliances for data security.

2. Restricted or limited flexibility

Though cloud offers a wide range of services, there are a lot of restrictions which you need to adhere to for consuming them. So you will have limited flexibility while handling cloud based applications.

3. Presence of limited features

One major issue which people face with Znetlive is the presence of a limited number of features. It does not have scripts for a number of tools which you may require is that they PHP, MySQL databases, FTP, CPanel, SMTP etc.

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